12 August 2009 – I think I’d rather be a traffic warden

Mac is trying to talk me into a call centre job

Mac is trying to talk me into a call centre job

Today was mostly about job hunting. Mac went through my CV with me and we made a few changes. Apparently I’ve been assistant manager of this office for the last four months. I sent off a few applications but not for anything I really want. There are no travel jobs whatsoever and that’s really what I want to be doing. The closest thing I found was working in the ticket office at the railway station, I applied, it is travel, kind of, and maybe I’d get free train tickets.

Mac is obsessed with call centre jobs. “You’ve got such a lovely phone manner,” he said. Years ago I worked in a call centre, it was horrible. There is nothing quite as boring as answering the phone all day, speaking to miserable, angry people, answering the same questions again and again. We all had head sets with long curly cables and were plugged into our phones hour after hour. Quite regularly I’d forget to unplug the blasted thing, get up to go to the loo and almost garrotte myself. It’s a dangerous job I tell you.

I think I’d rather be a traffic warden or a toilet cleaner. Not that there are even any jobs doing that. Apart from call centres (probably because theres such high staff turnover because it’s so awful) they’re mostly sales jobs (very high pressure and cut throat, not to mention unscrupulous), they all ask for ‘dynamic, target focused’ people. Hmm, not sure that’s really me. There was one that looked like it might be quite interesting, it’s a marketing job although the advert didn’t have much information about what exactly the company is marketing. Knowing my luck it’s probably diarrhoea remedies or foot odour spray. I applied.

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