24 August 2009 – bridges well and truly burnt

Burning my bridges

Burning my bridges

Another pound down this week. Two would have been nicer but I’m not complaining. There wasn’t much time for celebrating though because I was working in Gosport so everything was a bit of a rush, especially as I have to make a decent lunch to take with me. When I’m working in the village I can eat at home and I leave later so I have a more relaxed morning. There was no opportunity for personal job hunting either. Mind you I feel as if I’ve exhausted every avenue, I’ve applied for so many jobs and short of applying for the same ones again there isn’t much more I could do. Working in Gosport all day just made me more determined though, I really couldn’t stand that horrible atmosphere every day.

On the way home Jolie asked me if I’d had any thoughts on accepting the full time job in the Gosport office. Well that put me on the spot. From the first moment she mentioned the job my head has been screaming NO! In the spirit of keeping all my options open I didn’t actually say that, I just didn’t say yes. I told her I needed time to think about it. Now my thinking time was up. So I took a deep breath and said, “I’m sorry but I just don’t think I could cope with all the travelling.”
“But you are learning to drive and I would be happy to pick you up and drop you off like I do now.”
“The driving thing is going to take a long time,” I said, “it’s very early days yet.”
“You’re a quick learner, besides, like I said I would keep giving you lifts until you passed and if I was off there is a bus.”
She really wasn’t making this easy. “I know you would and I know I could catch the bus but it makes it such a long day, I’d never see Commando. I really do appreciate the offer though.”
My bridges were well and truly burnt but she took it with good grace, said she was disappointed because she loved having me in the office, I got so much done. Part of me felt worried, what if I couldn’t get a job and I’d just turned down my one chance? The biggest part felt relieved, I wouldn’t end up working full time in that horrible office.

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