15 September 2009 – longing for hot water

Full of tat but Mac likes it

Full of tat but Mac likes it

Celebrities seem to be dropping like flies at the moment. On the news this morning they stopped going on about Michael Jackson for long enough to announce that Patrick Swayze had succumbed to pancreatic cancer, which was sad. It wasn’t that I was his biggest fan or anything but I did see an interview with him a while ago talking about how he was determined to battle his illness and I kind of hoped for a miracle just because of his ballsy attitude. Not only that but Keith Floyd, the famous TV chef has died of a heart attack, personally I was more surprised it wasn’t alcohol related, the man always seemed to have a glass in his hand. I did quite like his cooking shows, back in the day, though and it made a change from the endless clips of Thriller.

Boiling a kettle every time I want to wash up is beginning to get very old. The part still hasn’t arrived for the boiler and I’m getting impatient. I didn’t realise how much I took hot running water for granted until I didn’t have it. Everything takes so much longer because I have to wait for the blasted kettle to boil and I long to wash my hands in warm water instead of cold. It may not be the biggest problem in the history of the world but it is supremely irritating.

A new 99p shop has opened in the village. Personally I’m not a fan, mainly because it may all be 99p but, in my opinion, it’s all tat and generally falls apart in seconds. Still Mac was determined to have a look so, in the guise of seeing if they were going to be needing any new staff, we went to have a look. Mac came out with a basket full of absolute rubbish. I kept my purse firmly in my bag. They didn’t want any staff either, they’ve taken on a host of Polish immigrants, probably because they can pay them less. Maybe the wages are 99p too.

The driving lesson today was Shirley again. I’m beginning to think Mike has got it in for me. After the madness that is the High Street we found a quiet road for me to try parallel parking. I have yet to meet a single driver who likes parallel parking and I am nailing my colours to the mast and joining them. It wasn’t awful but it wasn’t all that good either but the paint on the car remains intact and no wing mirrors were injured so I guess I can call it a success.

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