23 September 2009 – back to cold hard reality

All about washing

All about washing

Today was all about unpacking and washing churning away in the machine. How come such a short holiday can generate so much dirty laundry? I’m sure it breeds in the suitcase on the flight. After the Spanish heat it felt cold. We’d gone from cropped trousers (me) and shorts (Commando) with thin t-shirts to jeans and thick jumpers in the space of a couple of hours on a plane.

Along with all the post holiday chills and the emptying of cases there was a weigh in. Monday is normally weigh in day but obviously I was in Barcelona and my scales were in the bathroom at home so today was the day. Usually, after a holiday, there is a gain, sometimes a rather alarming one. To say there was some trepidation as I gingerly put my feet on the scales would be an understatement. As it turned out I stayed the same which I’m counting as a bit of a bonus, given the amount of strange food I’ve eaten. Then again there is a teeny tiny bit of disappointment given all the walking we did, especially the long climb to Parc Guell. Oh well, blessings counted.


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