25 September 2009 – good news, I think

A new dawn? Maybe

A new dawn? Maybe

Finally all the washing is done, dried and put away and the house is looking normal again. Of course, as soon as everything was done and I stopped dashing about, I started worrying about the job issue. One more week and I would be officially on the dole. This was not a happy prospect.

Just when I’d worked myself up into a frenzy of despair my mobile rang. It was the Mad House. They were offering me the job. Suddenly unemployment didn’t seem quite so bad when compared to ten hours a day stuck in a call centre. They want me to start on 5 October. Yikes!

The first thing I did was call Mac, gabbling away about all my fears and confusion until he told me to slow down because he couldn’t understand me.
“I thought you’d been mugged in Barcelona,” he said once I’d calmed down and repeated myself slowly with less squealing and spluttering. After a quick pep talk about call centre work and what a laugh it all was there he told me to take next week off to get myself prepared. Apparently he knew I’d get the job and he’d already talked it over with Jolie. She will pay me for the week because she feels bad she can’t keep me on in the Southampton office.

Underneath all the nerves about the job there is a sense of relief. Even if it’s hell on earth, which, despite Mac’s assertions, I think it may well be, it is a job with good money coming in and security. The company is huge, nationwide with a massive profile, TV advertising the whole deal. They’ve had an office in Southampton for more than twenty years. They are one of the few that have not announced redundancies in these troubled times, in fact they are always taking on new staff. Of course that could be because people hate it so much they leave but still, it is a job, breathing space. I can always look for another and I will have money coming in while I do.

There was also a huge sadness that I won’t be working with Mac any more. Before my days at New Beginnings I only really knew him as Joe’s partner, now he’s my friend. I will never forget our days in that little office and all the laughs we had. When I started I was in a deep black pit of despair, broken hearted at losing my Dream Factory job, he took my hand and pulled me out of that pit. I don’t know what I’d have done without him. I can even begin to say how much I’m going to miss him.

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