27 September 2009 – a last supper

Cooking with Joe

Cooking with Joe

Mac and Joe came round last night to celebrate my new job so today I am feeling slightly delicate. It was a great night though. Joe came laden with carrier bags filled with the makings of a Thai green curry, I’ve only ever used jars to make them before but he fancies himself a bit of a cook so it was cooking from scratch. While Mac and Commando cracked open the first (of many) bottles of wine and sat about watching, Joe and I cooked.

Mac, being Mac, kept making suggestions, as if he actually knew anything about cooking. “Don’t you think you should cut the chicken a bit smaller? Don’t put all those green beans in, I don’t like too many. Will that be enough rice for all of us, it doesn’t look very much?” There was a moment there when I thought Joe was going to stab him with the kitchen knife.

Commando and I had been to town in the afternoon and, now I know there will be money coming in, I treated myself to a new, rather wonderful, gadget, a fancy Dualit hand blender with loads of attachments to chop, mix and goodness knows what else. It came in pretty handy to chop up all the garlic, ginger and chillies but I had a bit of a job getting the lid off to get them back out. This could have had something to do with the glass of wine I’d been drinking, the lack of reading the instructions or just that I didn’t realise I had to twist, then pull. At least it made everyone laugh.

We got through rather a lot of wine, as evidenced by the bin full of bottles this morning. The curry was nice, if a little on the hot side, we probably should have taken more of the seeds out of the chillies. I’m pretty sure all that wine is not going to be good for the weigh in tomorrow but it was worth it for such a lovely evening. We really must do it again soon.

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