1 October 2009 – scary times

Last driving lesson for a while

Last driving lesson for a while

Today I had my last driving lesson for a while, driving round Shirley, turns in the road and a half arsed attempt at parallel parking. It is the last for a while because, for the next six weeks I will be working nine until five thirty, five days a week and I don’t think I can cope with lessons after that. Once I’m out of training I’ll only be working 4 days a week (ten bloody hours a day though) so will be able to have a lesson on Fridays.

Philo has found a car for me and he’s bringing it round at the weekend so maybe I’ll get a chance to do some driving with Commando to keep my hand in. Then again, that might be a step too far, I’m not sure Commando is ready for that yet and I’m pretty sure I’m not. Oh well, one step at a time, I need to see the car first.

The idea of the training makes me nervous quite frankly. It seems like it will be pretty intensive and I’m afraid I will be the oldest and, despite the weight I’ve lost, the fattest there. When I went for the interview everyone seemed very young and slim to me. Scary times.

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