2 October 2009 – a changing room surprise

Size 14! Who'd have thought it?

Size 14! Who’d have thought it?

With all my clothes hanging off me it was time to go clothes shopping. It’s been a while. Clothes shopping is not my favourite thing, even though I love clothes. When I was young there was never much money, mum was widowed, we struggled. Clothes were a luxury and fashion was pretty low down the list of requirements. Often I felt like the odd one out. When all my friends were wearing the latest trends, mini skirts, platform shoes, I was wearing functional, calf length skirts that would last, sturdy shoes. Children can be cruel and it didn’t make for the happiest of childhoods.

Having nice clothes is important to me, childhood wounds run deep, but buying them has always been a chore. Those blasted changing rooms, full to the brim with skinny young girls trying on the very things I’m clutching on hangers and looking so much better in them than I ever could. The sizes are another bug bear, why can’t they be what they say? I guess even the skinny young things have that problem.

The shopping trip today wasn’t quite as bad as others I’ve known. What I was after was trousers for a basic working wardrobe. Tops I can get easily enough on eBay and I actually have quite a lot, too many according to Commando, but trousers I needed to try on, so, despite my hatred of changing rooms I didn’t really have much choice. Thankfully, I managed to find all I needed in Debenhams, three pairs of black trousers, from Jasper Conran no less, all in the sale and, unbelievably, all size 14! Who’d have thought I’d fit into size 14? The feeling I got from those size labels was worth the changing room horrors, I feel like I want to leave them hanging out for everyone to see.

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