12 October 2009 – all about colours

All about colours

All about colours

Oh dear, weigh in this morning and I’ve gained a pound. Must be all those lattes and maybe the lack of exercise. Working with Mac I was walking to the office and back every day, about a mile each way and half of that is up hill. I need to cut the lattes and somehow I need to fit in some exercise somewhere. If only I wasn’t so tired at the end of the day.

Amongst all the usual product and system training today we did an interesting exercise about personality types. The aim was to make us aware of the different types of customer we will be dealing with all the better to sell them stuff. I’m not sure I’m going to be all that good at selling people stuff to be honest, my understanding was that this was a customer service job but it seems I didn’t understand all that well.

The types were all divided into four colours. Blues who are formal, cautious, precise and questioning, the sort of customer you call sir or madam and who is going to want to know all the technical data about a product and take forever to decide to buy. Reds are fiery, demanding, strong willed and competitive, the most likely to shout and swear but will buy something if they think all their neighbours have one. Greens are caring, patient, relaxed, sharing, the ones you want to get on the phone, they’ll have a chat and buy something because they like you or they think its good for the planet. Then there’s the yellows, sociable, demonstrative, enthusiastic, and persuasive, they’ll make you laugh. Unsurprisingly all of us were yellows, except Karen who was a green. Maybe that means it works. I’m pretty sure Commando is a blue with a touch of red.

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