27 October 2009 – first call!

Beware tire kickers

Beware tire kickers

Today I took my first call! After a morning in the training room discussing our experiences with our teams it was back to Gunbir and the phones. Today I wasn’t allowed to just sit and listen in. With absolute terror in my heart I had to don the headset and wait for the beep that would tell me I had a caller on the line. At least I didn’t have to deal with the system at the same time which was a slight relief. Gunbir listened in doing the typing and screen flipping while I did the talking, simultaneously trying hard to follow what he was doing. If it was always like that I could probably cope.

The first call was someone wanting to make a credit card payment so that was fairly easy. After that I had a couple of calls about payment plans, all fairly simple, “how many payments do I have left,” “can I change my payment date?” that kind of thing. Then there were a couple of questions about delivery times and I had to track packages, well Gunbir did, I just tried to follow. One man was a little cross because his washing machine had arrived without the little do dad that fits in the soap drawer for the fabric conditioner. He was fine when I said we’d get one out to him straight away though. Some of the questions I even managed to answer without any help, although Gunbir had to point to the correct part of the screen a few times. I set up a direct debit which was more complicated than I expected. Training made it seem easy.

I didn’t make any sales. There really wasn’t the opportunity although one man did call about a dishwasher and I though my luck might be in. He was obviously a blue, wanted to know everything about the blasted thing, which wasn’t easy for me as I don’t have a dish washer myself. I talked it up as best I could and found all the information from my sales pack, even offered him a discount, but he didn’t buy in the end.
“Don’t worry, he was just a tire kicker,” Gunbir said. “You learn to spot them fairly quickly. They probably go round all the car dealers kicking tires at the weekend but they never buy a car.”
“Do you get a lot of that?”
“A fair bit. Like I said, you learn to slot them and don’t waste too much time on them. You’ll get a good one soon, you have a great phone manner.”
“I just worry about the targets.”
“You’re fine at the moment, they don’t expect you to hit any targets yet. That’ll come later.”
Ominous words.


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