29 October 2009 – finally, a sale

A sale! Even if it was only a kettle

A sale! Even if it was only a kettle

Finally I got a sale this afternoon. Everyone else in the training team has sold something and I was beginning to think I was jinxed. Until yesterday I wasn’t too worried because Kim hadn’t got a sale either, but she managed to sell a big American fridge freezer yesterday afternoon, leaving just me sitting on the starting block. Of course the boys have got loads. Leo has averaged three sales a day and Clive is top seller with twenty. How come they can do it when I can’t?

Anyhow, I got one which at least proves I can do it. Ok, so it was only a kettle but still, it’s something and every sale counts against my target. It wasn’t just any old kettle either, it was one of the fancy Eco kettles, that cost fifty pounds, so not quite the cheapest item in stock. Gunbir actually cheered. Obviously not until I’d ended the call but the way he whooped and clapped you’d have thought I’d sold a whole kitchen not just a little kettle. Then he wrote my sale up on the white board under my name. For a moment I felt a rush of pride until I looked at all the other sales under all the other names which made my measly one look quite pathetic.


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