30 October 2009 – Halloween fun and an assesment

Halloween fun

Halloween fun

The training room is officially a thing of the past. Today was my last training day! No more of those stupid role plays, no more tests on the system or boring, send you to sleep lectures. It would probably have felt like a celebratory day even if it hadn’t been Halloween. As it was the whole building had gone Halloween mad. Really I’ve not seen anything like it since school. There was a pumpkin carving competition in the canteen and the team areas on every floor were all decorated with witches, ghosts and fake cobwebs and everyone had come in costume. We had a tour to look at them all. Sadly my team are on rest day so I guess they miss out on all the fun and frivolity.

We had all come in costume too, dressed as zombies, which entailed ripped leggings and t- shirts. It might have been quite lame if it wasn’t for Emma who is a bona fide makeup artist. She brought in her kit and gave us all some scarily authentic wounds and green rotting flesh. Even Jas and Dev get involved, although Dev seemed a little ill at ease with it all and kept trying to get us to do some work.

We did get down to business eventually. One last round of lectures about fault diagnosis. When someone calls because their washing machine, freezer or whatever isn’t working we are supposed to go through a series of checks to make sure it is really faulty and not something obvious like a blown fuse or a power cut before we arrange for an engineer or replacement. I found it hard to believe people were really that stupid but I guess they wouldn’t waste time training us if they weren’t.

After lunch we each had an assessment one to one with Dev or Jas. I was hoping I’d get Jas because Dev is a bit too harsh for my liking. Of course I got Dev. We went off to a pod and listened to one of my calls. It was the kettle sale so I was feeling quite optimistic, even if I do hate hearing my own voice played back to me. For some reason I sound really young on the phone.

Dev sat stony faced ticking boxes all the way through it. “How do you think that went?” he asked at the end.
“Not bad,” I said a little apprehensively. Then, trying to get as many buzz words in as I could, “the DPA was good, I think I had some rapport with the customer. I understood what she wanted straight away and that she was the chatty type, a green, so I worked on the environmentally friendly angle. Plus I got a sale.”
“Hmm, I think your promotion could have been stronger. She wanted a kettle anyway, she just didn’t know which sort. You could have talked about other products in the range, the toaster, the coffee maker, the Eco washing machine. You didn’t even mention product cover…”
If it hadn’t been for the fact he was dressed as a zombie with a blood soaked bandage on his head and green mouldy skin in might have felt a little upset. As it was I couldn’t quite take him seriously. Anyway, who goes shopping for a kettle and buys a washing machine too?


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