4 November 2009 – a real sale!

A sale at last!

A sale at last!

The storm yesterday afternoon made the news. Apparently the winds were more then forty miles an hour. Six sailors had to be rescued from the Solent when they got caught in it. Just up the road in Romsey there was a mini tornado. The power cuts I knew about already. It turns out a tree came down onto a power line near Marwell Zoo which was why half of Winchester had no power.

The rain was still falling this morning so all the good intentions about walking to work came to nothing again. It seems as if everything is conspiring against me right now. As soon as the rain stops though I will be walking to work. It can’t rain forever, can it? By the time I got to work I was fairly damp which is never a good thing when you’re sitting at a desk all day. I smelled like wet dog. Luckily so did everyone else. The office smelt like a pet shop with a damp problem.

Finally I got a sale this afternoon so it isn’t all bad news. It was a good one too, a fridge freezer plus super speedy delivery and a deluxe cover plan. Funnily enough it wasn’t even that hard. The sale fell into my lap, the woman knew exactly which one she wanted when she rang. She happened to mention her old one had just broken down and what a pain it was so I offered her super speedy delivery. With a fridge freezer full of food rapidly going off the extra cost was worth it and she loved the idea of the deluxe cover plan, especially when I said this meant same day call out three hundred and sixty five days a year with a twenty four hour help line and clinched the deal by telling her her food would be covered if it spoiled too.

When I walked up to the board to mark up my sale everyone cheered. Panda did a Woop Woop so loud it made me jump. I’m pretty sure everyone in the building heard it. In fact there are probably people in other counties wondering what all the noise was. Mostly I felt enormous relief. At least I have a sale so, even if I am bottom of the sales board, I won’t be needing special coaching, well not yet anyway. The relief was short lived. It didn’t take long for it to dawn on me that I need to keep doing it, day after day, sale after sale. Once my training is over I’m going to have to get one maintenance contract and five sales every week, that’s at least one sale every single day. Cripes, this is going to be tougher than I thought.


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