10 November 2009 – Back to the Mad House

Walking through the war zone

Walking through the war zone

This morning I left home extra early and finally managed to walk to work. This is a desperate attempt to work off all that Czech food before I step on the scales. I’ve downloaded an app on my iPhone that tracks the distance using GPS and it turns out its exactly two miles! It took me fifty minutes but I’d allowed myself an hour so I wasn’t late. That’s got to have burnt off a few calories surely? As I walked through the war zone and the big ugly brown Mad House building came into view I had a sick feeling inside. Truly I would have given anything not to have to go inside and put that headset on.

Today I had my own desk and no Gunbir sitting beside me so I was feeling more panicked than normal at the thought of taking calls. I’m not all alone because I have a mentor sitting at the desk beside me, a chubby Scottish guy called Rory. He’s supposed to help me if I get really stuck but, as he’ll be on the phone, I wasn’t sure how much help he was going to be.

Rory wasn’t in when I arrived so Panda helped me log on and, while we waited for for the systems to load up, she asked me about Prague. I told her all about the cold and the cobbles, how we’d been ripped off and all the things we’d seen. Then Kate came in and I had to tell the whole story again.

Rory arrived just in time for team talk and, after a run down of last week’s stats from Maddie, it was time to start taking call after call after call. There were no sales but I managed to cope with the systems, more or less, with the help of all the notes I’ve typed up into a kind of step by step manual for myself. Rory, who seems to have a talent for listening to me while talking to his own customers, gave me occasional prompts and tips along with the odd words of encouragement. All in all it wasn’t as bad as I’d expected, not a total disaster in other words.


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