14 November 2009 – entertained by the neighbours

A broken fence

A broken fence

Storms battered the house last night, rain pounding on the bedroom window, wind whistling down the chimney. According to the news gusts of 100 miles an hour were recorded at the Needles Lighthouse on the Isle of Wight, just a few miles away. Thankfully the floods and the worst of the storm missed Southampton although the fire station opposite the Mad House offices lost part if its roof in the early hours. Ironically crews from another fire station had to be called out to help. Lucky that didn’t happen when I was walking past on my way to the bus stop.

The rain carried on throughout the day and I watched out the gym window as the garden slowly turned into a shallow pond. Living in the dip between two hills is not the best place to be with flood warnings being broadcast on the hour every hour. Thankfully it seems to have found a level and isn’t rising but the trees are blowing about wildly and next door’s fence has come down again. Mind you, their fence seems to come down if you look at it a bit hard so there are no surprises there.

The fiddler on the roof has been out there all day making a meal of patching it up. “What’s the point of doing it while the wind is still blowing?” Commando said. Even I can see he’s doing a half arsed job as usual, for a start all the support posts are rotten. Still it was entertaining watching him bashing away at it, no sooner had he fixed one end than the other came free and so it went on in a loop while he got wetter and wetter and more angry and frantic in his hammering. After a couple of hours Mrs Fiddler came out and started screaming abuse at him and while they stood in the rain yelling at each other the whole fence blew down and narrowly missed hitting them as it flew across the garden.

If only we had a video camera it would have mad an instant YouTube sensation. It kept my mind off eating rubbish too.

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