20 November 2009 – hoping for more

On target

On target

All week I’ve been pretty good, walking to work every day, taking home made sandwiches for lunch and sticking to just one skinny latte a day so I had high hopes for my second Friday weigh in. Maybe they were a little too high. Weight had been lost but only the pound I put on in Prague. Somehow I was hoping for more but I guess it is in the right direction and its the first time I’ve lost anything since the beginning of October when I started at the Mad House. Why does it have to be so hard to get it off when it’s so easy to put it on though?

As it’s Friday I was sitting with Fitz’s team again today. Part if me is looking forward to next month when I will have Friday rest day with the rest of my team but I’m not looking forward to the ten hour shifts that go with it. Anyhow, I got a sale. I’ve had one every day this week so I’m a bang on target. This was a bit of a complicated sale though, a gas hob with an electric oven which actually counts as two sales. The thing it it has to be put through the system as two sales and I’ve never done that before. It all went a little bit wrong and I was getting really flustered, especially as I was aware I was keeping the poor customer hanging on the phone while I faffed about.

Fitz noticed I was in trouble and put his own customer on hold to help me.
“Have you got all her card details?”
“Right then, just wind the call up and we’ll put it through afterwards. Don’t worry about your wrap.”
Will this ever be easy?

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