24 November 2009 – one to one blues

Meeting pod where everyone can see you

Meeting pod where everyone can see you

About an hour before lunch time Maddie told me to log off. It was time for my one to one. My heart was in my mouth as I followed her to the pod with glass walls and a glass door so everyone can see you in there. I’m pretty sure my legs were shaking.

“So how are you finding it?” she asked.
“Um… I think I’m getting there… slowly,” I stuttered. What else could I say? I hate every second? I’m scared most of the time and feel completely out of my depth?
She opened a folder with my name and and looked at it for a moment while I sat listening to my heart beating so loud I was sure she could hear it too.
“Your wrap is very good,” she smiled.
“We didn’t have wrap time at Busy Bees,” I said. “One call used to come in straight after the last if there was a queue so we had to learn to talk and type at the same time.”
“Your call length is a little high but that’s fine at the moment. It takes a while but it will come down. You hit your sales targets last week too which is good and you seem to be picking up the systems just fine, you don’t ask for help much. I think you’re a quick learner.”
I could hardly believe what I was hearing. This was not what I expected when I walked into the room. It didn’t feel like I was doing well or learning quickly but Maddie seemed to think I was.

After that she asked me what thoughts I had about personal development within the company. I admitted I didn’t have any, I was just trying to get through each day.
“Looking at your CV, you were a manager at Dream Factory and at Busy Bees, I think you will go far here. I think you’d be a candidate for the fast track management programme.”
That was the point my head felt like it was going to explode. I’m not sure exactly what I said but it was something about wanting to learn to walk before I tried to run. Ok so I probably shot myself in the foot because managers don’t have to go on the phones and I’d do anything not to have to be on the phones. Yes I’ve been a manager in all my previous jobs, not counting New Beginnings although I more or less managed Mac, but I’ve always started at the bottom and learned each stage and that’s how I believe it should be. How can you manage people doing a job you don’t know how to do yourself?

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