2 December 2009 – exhausted by ten hour shifts



Three ten hour shifts under my belt and it isn’t getting any easier. I’m going through the days in a haze of exhaustion barely functioning as a human being. The only thing keeping me going is the thought of Friday and a day off. Oh and a wage packet at the end of the month.

This afternoon the rain came down with a vengeance. It pounded on the office windows so loudly even I was pulled from my zombie like state by the sound. It was like being inside a waterfall but behind glass, nothing of the city was discernible through the deluge. At eight, when I’d put down the phone on my final call of the day it was still coming down thick and fast and I wondered how I was going to get to the bus stop. Rae came to the rescue. She had parked in the car park opposite and offered me a lift home. Even then we both got soaked just getting to the car and a person can only get so wet. Still, it did save me wading to the bus stop and I got home much earlier than usual. Bless her heart.

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