3 December 2009 – Team night out and Jäger bomb insomnia

Team night out

Team night out

The weekend started tonight with my first ever team night out. Frankly, after ten hours on the phone dealing with everyone’s problems and being shouted at on a regular basis I just wanted to go home but, in the interest of fitting in and not seeming like a miserable cow, I went along.

We all left work together and walked up to Bedford Place to a bar I’ve never been to before. Let’s face it, there are very few bars I have been too. The atmosphere was jovial, like end of term, everyone laughing and joking, moaning about horrible calls they’d taken and generally acting silly.

Rory handed me a dark drink in a short stubby glass.
“What is it?” I asked suspiciously, not being a drinker and all. I’d asked for diet coke but this was most certainly not any kind of diet coke I’d ever seen.
“Jäger bomb.”
“What’s that? Is it alcoholic?”
“Not really. You need to drink it back in one.”
Well that was never going to happen. I sipped. It tasted like cough medicine. I looked around for somewhere to dump it but there was no way of doing that without someone seeing me so I tried my best not to screw up my face too much while I drank it. Maybe the knocking it back in one would have been a good idea, at least I wouldn’t have had to taste it for long.

Before I’d even finished it Robbie was shoving another one in my hand. In the first half hour I’d had three and by that time I was past caring what it tasted like. At some point Panda pointed out I still had my pass card round my neck which might have made me feel like an idiot had I not been trying to work out how to stand up straight at the time. Kate, who had not been drinking at all because she was driving, gave me a lift home. We left at about ten, taking Panda with us. Goodness knows how long the rest of them stayed out, they were talking about going on to another bar.

The Jäger bombs had made me drunk but I was oddly wide awake. When I got home, Mini Commando explained they are made with red bull which explained why I found it impossible to get to sleep. Being drunk is a feeling I hate, especially when the room is spinning. Even worse when you can’t sleep. I’m not entirely sure I like team nights out.

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