4 December 2009 – a waste of a day off

My Salvador Dali poster sums it up nicely

My Salvador Dali poster sums it up nicely

What a waste of a day off. The only reason I got through four ten hour shifts was the thought of the three day weekend ahead. So, what did I do with it? Mostly I slept. When I wasn’t sleeping, I was dozing or staring into space. Maybe the team night out played a part. All those blasted Jäger bombs. Maybe I was hung over. Not being a drinker I don’t know all that much about hangovers and I don’t intend getting better acquainted with them.Personally I think the ten hour shifts played their part. Ten hours of stress, four days a week is very tiring. Seems to me having three days off a week is a bit pointless if you spend one of them asleep. How on earth am I going to do this week after week?

I was so tired and lethargic I forgot the Friday weigh in, that’s two weeks in a row with no weigh in now. Still, I don’t imagine there would have been anything I wanted to see on the scales this morning not after all those Jäger bombs last night. How many calories in a Jäger bomb I wonder? Probably millions. Google was a tad confused on the matter when I tried to look it up, lots of answers but no two the same. Even on the best estimates though I reckon I drank about six hundred calories. It’s all very well watching what you eat but it can all fall apart if you don’t watch what you drink too.

2 thoughts on “4 December 2009 – a waste of a day off

  1. Drink calories add up! Have you tried the livestrong website’s mydailyplate tool? find it at http://www.mydailyplate.com.. it will tell you the calories and nutritional content of almost anything you consume.

    Goodluck adjusting to the schedule! I used to work the same schedule.. it took awhile to get used to but it is nice after awhile.

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