6 December 2009 – a Christmas Shopping debacle

Christmas shopping madness

Christmas shopping madness

Now Mini Commando’s birthday is over and done with it’s time to think about Christmas. Shopping for presents to be precise. Seems to me Christmas would be so much nicer if we didn’t have to do the present thing. Everyone goes out and spends loads of money they don’t really have to buy people things they don’t really want. Wouldn’t it just be more sensible to each buy ourselves a present?

Sadly that’s not the way it works so this morning we went into town. Sunday seemed like the best day to do it, we thought it would be quieter. Turns out shopping in town this close to Christmas, even on a Sunday, is a bad idea. Mini Commando was after a play station game, one of those shooting everything that moves, stealing cars type of things. It’ll probably turn him into a delinquent but he is twenty now so at least he won’t be a juvenile delinquent.

Game was like an asylum, hardly room to move there were so many smelly, raggedy looking teenaged boys bouncing around pouncing on games and so many parents with glazed eyes wandering listlessly looking totally lost. I was one of the latter. It took me ages to find the stupid game and when I did the queues were so long I almost wished I hadn’t. The queues moved so slowly I felt as if I was going backwards and then the skinny lad behind the counter with the piercings and tattoos glanced at the box and said, “not sure we have any more of these in stock.”

What’s the point of having the empty boxes on the shelves if you don’t have the actual games to fill them? He handed the box to another lad, or it may have been a girl I couldn’t really tell, with purple spiky hair and he or she went off to have a look. About four hours later the purple haired one came back with the box, complete with game inside. “You’re lucky, that’s the last one,” he or she mumbled.

It was the only present I bought. By the time I got out of the shop all I wanted todo was go home and have a lie down. Goodness know where Commando had been but he had lots of mysterious looking carrier bags. Somehow I think I got the short straw.

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