8 December 2009 – team talk

A reprise of the colour wheel

A reprise of the colour wheel

“Team talk today,” Panda said this morning when we were loading up our systems.
“Oh ” I said. I didn’t have a clue what team talk was but she seemed pretty pleased about it. “What is it?”

Turns out every four weeks we get a whole afternoon off the phones. It’s meant for training on new products or team building exercises. Everyone loves it because it means time off the phones. Time off the phones is like gold dust in the Mad House. All through the morning Panda kept looking at the big screens that tell us how many calls are in the queue and show the latest product deals.
“I hope it isn’t cancelled,” she said, over and over again. Apparently, if call volume is too high team talk gets cancelled which means everyone spends all morning on edge.

Our luck was in and team talk went ahead. After lunch we all went up into one of the training rooms on the top floor with an air of the school trip about us. Lots of chatter and laughing but the training room was a little too recent a memory for me to really enjoy it. Still, it was a relief not to have a head set on and a customer in my ear.

The training session was all about customer types and colours. Exactly the same one I did just a few weeks ago but I pretended it was all new to me for fear of being sent back down to the phones. Actually the trainer, a big Irish guy called Calum, made it far more interesting second time around. He was way more laid back than Jas and Dev, full of jokes and a little bit flirty. I’m pretty sure Rae has a bit of a crush on him. It was probably the best afternoon I’ve had in my whole time at the Mad House. If only every day could be like that.

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