10 December 2009 – not bottom

You could have knocked me down with a mosquito's wing

You could have knocked me down with a mosquito’s wing

Thursday morning huddle, affectionately called cuddle, the last one of the week and the most important. Just like Biggest Loser, Thursday is last chance work out and Thursday cuddle is where you find out how hard you’re going to have to work to hit your weekly targets. In my case that is almost certain to be very hard, or so I thought.

When Maddie went through the team league I wasn’t exactly hopeful of being anywhere but bottom with the possible exception of wrap time where I’m confident of being in the top three. My face was already arranged in apologetic mode as Maddie started reading through the scores and I was hoping I wouldn’t do something stupid and embarrassing like cry if she told me off. Lets face it it’s humiliating enough being told off by someone younger than your eldest child without compounding the issue by bursting into tears. I coughed a couple of times so I could pretend to have a coughing fit if the worst happened and I felt anything trying to leak out of my eyes.

You could have knocked me down with a mosquito’s wing, never mind a feather, when I wasn’t bottom. Not even second from bottom. Both Eloelia and Tom were below me and I was actually lowest wrap for the week.
“Well done FG,” Maddie said and everyone clapped. I still had to fake a coughing fit because I almost cried with relief. Then it dawned on me that I’d still have to work hard because Eloelia and Tom would be desperately trying to leapfrog me before Monday. Does the pressure ever stop in this place?

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