13 December 2009 – Christmas planning and excess

Lots of pencil chewing

Lots of pencil chewing

I would like to postpone Christmas. Even though I now have three day weekends I am nowhere near ready. The number of presents purchased remains in single figures. The amount of thought that has gone into Christmas food is precisely zero.

Today I did try. There was a lot of sitting chewing my pencil trying to come up with festive meals and treats that didn’t have a billion calories. It may have been easier to solve the problems in the Middle East or find a formula to end world hunger. Actually the world hunger problem would be easy, if everyone in the Western World ate normally over Christmas and donated all the crap they would have eaten to the starving millions they’d have enough to last them at least a year, maybe two.

When you think about it it’s quite obscene the way we stuff ourselves over the Christmas period when there are people actually starving to death in other countries. Then we all spend the next three months moaning about how much weight we’ve put on and purposely starving ourselves to get it off again. Maybe this year we could just eat like normal people. Something tells me Commando won’t be all that impressed with that idea though.

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