14 December 2009 – a shower disaster

Broken shower

Broken shower

What a wonderful start to the week. Still half asleep, I was in the shower, my hair all lathered up with shampoo, when there was a sudden woosh. The water stopped dead although I could still hear it running. Trying to wipe the stinging bubbles out of my eyes I peered at the shower. Sure enough there was still water but it was running out of the body of the shower instead of the shower head. A broken shower what a perfect start to the week!

In the end I had to rinse my hair under the tap of the sink as best I could and then rush to get ready for work. Panda thought the whole thing was hilarious when I told her. She laughed so loud I was worried she was going to rupture something. Personally I couldn’t see the funny side of it.

By the time I got home tonight the amazingly clever Commando had fitted a brand new shower. What would I do without him?

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