15 December 2009 – rumours, speculation and a win at St Mary’s

I could see the outline of fans standing in the top row

I could see the outline of fans standing in the top row

Something is going on at the Mad House, no one knows quite what but there’s been a lot of speculation. Maddie went off to a meeting this morning. There seem to have been a lot of those lately and she’s being quite secretive about them which got everyone whispering. At lunch time everyone was talking about it. Primo thinks they’re going to disband our team.
“Why would they do that?” Panda asked. “We’re the best performing team in the building. It wouldn’t make sense.”
“It would if they want to boost some of the under achieving teams,” Primo said.
“I don’t want to be on another team,” Eloelia said.
Neither do I but I can’t see me boosting anyone’s figures unless they all have piss poor wrap.

Rae had the day off for Christmas shopping. We all get one extra holiday which is nice, I’ve booked mine for Monday so I get a four day weekend, I can’t wait. Of course with no Rae to give me a lift home I had to get the bus home tonight. This meant walking through the war zone in the dark. I’d forgotten how scary that was, I scurried along, head down with my bag clamped to my side in a vice like grip. Most of the drunks and beggars disappear once it gets dark. Where they go is a mystery but in their place the street is lined with groups of shady looking men who follow you with their eyes as you pass. Still, at least it was a bit of exercise.

When I stood at the bus stop I could hear the noise of the stadium just across the road. Saints were playing Norwich in the Johnstone’s Paint Trophy and, from the noise it sounded like a good match. The flood lights illuminated the opaque panels at the top of the Northam stand and I could see the outline of fans standing in the top row and hear the bang, bang, bang of their hands against the seats.

The match ended in a penalty shoot out after Papa Waigo evened the score in the dying seconds of injury time. Talk about taking things to the wire. We won 6-5 so we’re through to the semi finals! Come On You Reds!

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