18 December 2009 – Christmas shopping in the snow!

Shopping in the snow, how Christmassy

Shopping in the snow, how Christmassy

For the first time since I’ve been doing this four day week malarkey I didn’t spend the whole day half asleep. Of course there wasn’t much choice about it because I really had to do some Christmas shopping. One present does not a Christmas make.

It was actually snowing when I went into town, how Christmasy is that? As I walked through the German Market powdery snow was falling, settling on the ground and turning everything into a picture postcard scene. There wasn’t much time to stand around admiring it though because I had lots of presents to get. Going Christmas shopping on a Friday is the way forward. Most people are still at work so the streets and shops are not quite as crowded. Finally I’ve found an upside to working at the Mad House!

Two hours later I was heading towards the bus stop with a mass of carrier bags clutched in my hands. Just one more present to get now and that is already bought and paid for. Unfortunately it’s too big to carry home so the kind people in John Lewis are keeping it for me. Tomorrow I will come back with Mac and his car and, as it’s Commando’s present, he’s going to hide it in his flat for me until Christmas Eve. Commando is a devil for peeking.

Seeing how disorganised I’ve been this year I haven’t done too badly. The food is all planned now, the few cards I still send are written and I’ve just finished wrapping most of the presents. So just the food shopping, the decorations and Commando’s present to worry about now. Maybe I’d like Christmas better if it was less work.

Bard came round for dinner tonight so almost all the family were together in one room for once. If only Philo had turned up I’d have had a full set of boys around me. Now I’m relaxing in front of a roaring fire with a big mug of cocoa and a dash of rum. Bliss.

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