19 December 2009 – last minute shopping and present wrapping

Present wrapping

Present wrapping

Disappointingly, the snow has almost melted. I suppose if I had to go to work in it I’d be glad but, as I’ve still got three days off I’d have quite liked it to hang around for a bit. Still, driving to town with Mac was probably less fraught. His driving scares me at the best of times, we might not have made it there and back in one piece if the roads were snowy.

We didn’t really do much in the way of shopping. Mac had to pick up a couple of things in Boots and we both got some wrapping paper. After that we went into John Lewis, picked up Commando’s present and went for a spot of lunch in the John Lewis restaurant. It’s one of my favourite places to eat. We stood and watched our omelettes cooked to order. Mac had everything on his, I tried to be healthy and stuck to red peppers and bacon. Then we ate, looking out over the water and the docks, lingering over our coffee and enjoying the spectacular view.

We spent the afternoon wrapping presents at Mac’s flat. Mac cracked open a bottle of wine. I actually only had one present to wrap myself, Commando’s, but Mac talked me into wrapping his for him.
“I’m so cack handed. You do all those little ribbon things and make them all nice, mine all look like an accident in a wrapping paper factory.”
“The only way to get any good at it is to do it,” I told him.
“But I gave you a lift into town and I’m hiding Commando’s present for you. Besides, I bought the wine,” he stuck his bottom lip out like a petulant child and I gave in.
As the afternoon wore on the presents got progressively more badly wrapped as we got slightly tipsy. Happy days.

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