20 December 2009 – Christmas sweets

Christmas sweets

Christmas sweets

Christmas is as done as its going to be. No doubt I’ve forgotten something but whatever it is we’re going to have to do without it now. Mini Commando was a little peeved that I didn’t buy a tin of sweets like I normally do. You know the ones, the huge round tins filled with toffees and chocolates all wrapped in colourful foil. He didn’t care if they were Roses or Quality Street, he said. “But Christmas isn’t Christmas without sweets.”

There is a good reason I didn’t buy those sweets though. The thing is they’re way too easy to eat. I’m not taking just the odd one either. Once that tin is open my hand just keeps on dipping in there and each of those sweets are about fifty calories, that means there’s five hundred in ten and I could easily eat ten without even thinking about it. Yes, I feel a bit bad that Mini Commando is missing out but I’d feel even worse in January if I sat eating the blasted things all over Christmas.

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