21 December 2009 – up with the decorations

Tasteful decorations

Tasteful decorations

Thank goodness I got the rest of my Christmas Shopping out of the way on Friday and Saturday. This morning the outside world is a sheet of ice. I’m not known for my sure footedness at the best of times so I was pretty glad I didn’t have to go outside and walk to the bus stop in it.

Instead I spent the day putting up the Christmas decorations. Not that it took all that long, unlike some of the houses round here who look pretty much like fairy grottoes and can probably be seen from space, we are very low key on the decoration front. Two tiny table top trees, all in very good taste although they’re not real trees, personally I think those are better off growing outside, besides I think Commando would have apoplexy at the needles on the carpet. The baubles are real glass, some of them passed down to me by Mother, who was given them by her own mother. Those ones are in the shape of bells and they really ring too. That’s about it really, I’m too bah humbug for tinsel and the like. They don’t go up until the week before Christmas and they come back down again before New Year. Sometimes I wonder why I even bother.

Other than that there was a tiny bit of cooking then I sat in front of the fire, reading and talking to Commando. I did go out to the bin once and nearly slipped up on my arse. If it doesn’t warm up I’m going to be in big trouble tomorrow.

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