23 December 2009 – early Christmas Dinner and last minutes shoppers

Less busses, more snow

Less busses, more snow

This morning there were even fewer busses and even more snow. Well, actually it was the same snow but it had been covered by a thick layer of ice over night. Apparently there had been freezing rain as well and the temperature dropped to minus ten overnight. On TV they were telling people not to make any unnecessary journeys. I did wonder whether going to work constituted a necessary journey but I went anyway.

Of course there were accidents all over the show, people driving like idiots. There was a twenty car pile up at Rownhams and the motorway was closed. Another accident on the Millbrook flyover shut the road until mid morning and half the busses were cancelled. They even closed the airport for most of the morning because of ice on the runway. This meant even less people made it to work. The place was like a ghost town with us few rattling around on the empty floors. Half the managers hadn’t turned up so they gathered us together as best they could. Panda and I managed to get seats next to each other which was good. I was feeling quite wobbly about being on my own with loads of people I didn’t really know doing a job I’m not sure I really know how to do. Panda was my security blanket.

At lunch time they laid on a free Christmas dinner in the canteen. There was so much food it was ridiculous when there were so few of us. There must have been masses left over. Goodness only knows what they did with it. Maybe they gave it to the tramps who hang around the bins outside.

This afternoon there was a flurry of calls from people asking if we could deliver before Christmas. We’d been told to say we could, even though, with the weather, I’m pretty sure there were no guarantees. I got five sales in two hours, that’s more than I’ve got all week. Why on earth do people leave things until the last minute?

“You know what we’ll be doing on Tuesday don’t you?” Panda said when we were in the lift at the end of the day.
“Don’t remind me, we’ll be back here on the bloody phones,” I said, not wanting to think about that, just concentrating on getting tomorrow morning over and having four days off.
“Yes, and we’ll be answering call after call from angry people who didn’t get their deliveries before Christmas.”
What a lovely thought to end the day.

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