25 December 2009 – Bah Humbug an impromptu Wii Fit weigh in

Christmas champagne

Christmas champagne

Mac came round yesterday evening with Commando’s present. We had the traditional Christmas Eve buffet all laid out so he stayed for a seasonal drink and a bite to eat. Mac is never one to turn down a free feed although he did moan that there was no cake? Honestly, there’s no satisfying some people, there were cocktail sausages, mini quiches, Doritos and dips, bread sticks, chicken wings, mini pizzas, nuts, melon balls, cookies, mince pies and lots more. We even had mulled wine.

Commando got me a Wii Fit for Christmas! I wanted to have a go straight away but the place was awash with wrapping paper and boxes so Commando said it was best not in case we lost anything in the mess. That didn’t stop him playing with his Dyson, my present to him. Yes I know a vacuum cleaner doesn’t sound like much of a Christmas present but, if you knew Commando, you’d know it’d be just what he wanted. He was ecstatic and, no sooner were all the presents unwrapped, he was off vacuuming things. He says it’s the best present he’s ever had. Sad really.

It seems to me Christmas is about eating more than anything and I cant say I’m looking forward to my next weigh in but it seems pretty pointless trying to resist temptation when everywhere you look there’s more food. Even so I didn’t go overboard this year. There was no Christmas cake, seeing as I’m the only one that likes it it felt a little silly to buy one.

We invited Bard round for Christmas Dinner because I’m pretty sure he would have had beans on toast or similar otherwise. He’s a good cook, he trained as a pizza chef, but let’s face it no one would go to all the trouble of making a Christmas Dinner just for themselves would they? Instead of turkey we had a beef joint with just the normal roast potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, vegetables and, my one concession to Christmas, pigs in blankets. Come on, you have to have pigs in blankets at Christmas.

Afterwards we had Christmas pudding with whipped cream which is, of course, extremely naughty. We also had champagne and chocolate truffles. After that I had a little snooze while the boys played on my Wii Fit. In the end I had a go myself. Unfortunately the blasted thing weighs you when you get on. Seeing as I haven’t weighed in at all this month and I’d eaten Christmas dinner before I got on it the results did not make good reading. Worse still, I’m pretty sure Commando was peeking, even though I told him not to.

I have never told Commando what I weigh. Whenever he’s expressed an interest in the past I’ve been very vague about it, taking off the odd stone or so and saying something like, “oh, about ten stone.” The fact that I have put on fifteen pounds since my last weigh in back in November made me want to cry, the fact that I’m pretty sure he saw it made me want to hide under a stone for the rest of my life. How the hell did I put on over a stone in a month? It took me months to get that weight off, the last time I weighed twelve stone ten was May for heavens sake! All that work and effort wasted in one stupid month, probably in one stupid meal because for all I know I could have weighed eleven stone since yesterday morning just like I did in November. Bah bloody humbug!!!

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