9 January 2010 – Last Cake Day


Good news today. I met Mac in town for a coffee and he and Joe got engaged over Christmas. Now if only they can stop falling out with each other, splitting up and getting back together until the wedding. Mac was proudly showing off his platinum ring with a sparkling diamond, not as girly as it sounds, more like a wedding band really. Of course he wanted to celebrate with cake. This is going to be my last cake day though. The big push for Turkey in May starts tomorrow. My fiftieth birthday is going to be spent on a beach, in a bikini drinking champagne and I’d prefer it if the rest of the people on the beach didn’t think a whale had washed up.

There’s going to have to be a concerted effort. No more half arsedness. There will be walking to work, just one latte a day, sensible eating and Wii Fit every morning. Maybe I’ll even break out the Pump it Up DVD, although I’ve never mastered it properly, somehow, when everyone on the screen is dancing left I always seem to be dancing right, still, as long as I’m dancing I guess I’m burning calories even if I do look stupid.

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