January 10 2010 – the Big Push for Turkey


So, day one of The Big Push for Turkey. I broke out the Wii Fit this morning, it has hardly been used since Christmas, mostly because I couldn’t forgive it for making me weigh myself in front of Commando and for telling me I’d put on fifteen bloody pounds. To be honest I’m still not happy with it. Today it told me I’ve out on another three pounds since then, back to eleven thirteen. How come it’s so easy to put it on and so hard to get it off?

After the weighing bit and the balance bit, which I’m rubbish at incidentally, I tried the step. It took a while to get the hang if it, I couldn’t work out why my score was so low, but then I worked out you have to step on and off at exactly the right time to get points. I’m still rubbish but I’m better than I was. Is it actually possible to get a perfect score I wonder? Maybe not but I suppose it’s burning calories. After that I moved to something a little easier, the snowball fight. When I say easier I’m talking about less strenuous, I still can’t hit the little people with my snowballs very often. Then I did some hula hoop. Well I did until Mini Commando came in and started laughing at me. Thinking about it I probably did look quite comical swinging my hips about with an imaginary hula hoop. Maybe that’s one for when I’m alone in the house then.

The Pump it Up is another thing for when I’m alone in the house and for the same reason. Maybe I’ll give it a go first thing in the morning when everyone’s in bed.

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