11 January 2010 – day two and Pump it Up torture

They make it look so easy

They make it look so easy

Day two of the Big Push for Turkey and I started off with some Wii Fit. One advantage of not having to be at work until nine thirty is time in the morning to exercise, I can get it over with while I’m still half asleep which takes the pain out of it a little.

There’s a chance I may be getting better at the balance thing at the start of the Wii Fit sessions. Today my Wii Fit age was thirty three. If only! Obviously the Wii Fit can’t see my wrinkly old face, still all puffy from sleep or my hair sticking up all over the show. After twenty minutes of step, hula hoop and some boxing I moved on to the Pump it Up DVD. Ten minutes of the warm up and I was red in the face and dripping. Warm was not the word, I was boiling and out of breath even though I couldn’t keep up with half of it if that’s the warm up I’ll be dead after one of the sessions. Maybe tomorrow.

Mini Commando has got a work placement at Blockbuster for two weeks so he got up just as I was finishing.
“Flipping heck Mum, you look like you’ve just run a marathon. Do you think you should be doing stuff like that at your age?”
Cheeky devil. Still, I hope they keep him on at Blockbuster after his placement. He seems very cheerful for someone going off to work.

After all that early morning exercise it was a bit of an effort to walk past the bus stop and keep on going for the walk to the Mad House. Tempting as it was to join the bus queue I didn’t. The Walkmeter app I downloaded to my iPhone to help me with the Race For Life training came in handy for tracking the distance. It uses GPS so it should be exact for distances, speed and time. Turns out its exactly two miles from my front door to the office, funny, I thought it seemed like much more but maybe I’m just not as fit as I was.

Today Ali Rana was having a pick on Tom day. He got really shirty with him for taking too long on calls and for not getting sales, all day he just niggled away at him even though the poor man is doing his best. What he needs is help not criticism, he seemed close to tears for most of the day and that’s just not good for a man in his sixties who’s worked hard all his life. Honestly, I’d rather Ali Rana picked on me. At lunch time I photocopied all my crib sheets, step by step guides to doing all the things you need on the systems, and gave them to Tom. Primo sat with him this afternoon too and tried to give him some extra help but Ali Rana told her to get back to her work after about half an hour. He really is a piece of work.

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