13 January 2010 – bad news and accidents

A snowy walk to work

A snowy walk to work

More snow fell last night, just an inch or so this time, but it was so cold this morning it was frozen by the time I left for work. The ground was solid ice and, just round the corner on the main road I slipped, lunged at a fence and ended up taking it down with me as I fell. Really I should have made a note of the house and called back later to offer to pay for a new fence. At the time I was slightly busy trying to stop myself slipping right into the road and, when I got to less slippery ground and looked back, all the fences along that part of the road were down. It was anyone’s guess which one I’d grabbed.

As I’d already done over half an hour’s exercise before I left the house, Wii Fit and the warm up part of Pump it Up, it was tempting to stop at the bus stop. No one else was waiting though and no guarantee there would even be any busses. In fairness to the council it did look as if they’d gritted the roads but it was so cold the snow that fell afterwards had turned to ice immediately. Once I got past the bus stop and round the corner a band of pavement right next to the garden walls was snow and ice free, probably down to the way the wind had been blowing and most people had cleared the sections from their drives to the road. I took full advantage where I could and slid, not very gracefully, on the ice I did encounter.

Billy didn’t turn up today which had everyone talking. He’s already on a stage three so, as Masher put it, “he’s toast unless he has a very good excuse.” At lunch time Primo enlightened us all, it’s handy sometimes having a spy in the management camp.
“He says his crutch slipped on the ice this morning and he fell. His cast got broken and he’s been at the hospital since ten thirty waiting to get X-rays and a new one put on,” she told us. “Either that boy has no luck or he’s lying, either way he’s in the shit. Ali Rana wants him gone.”
“Surely they can’t sack him if he really has been at the hospital?” I asked. Primo just shrugged.

When we got back from lunch there was no sign of Tom. At first we thought something had happened to him during lunch, maybe he’d slipped on the ice too. Then Panda noticed all his stuff was gone, not just his coat but the little odds and ends on his desk, his mug, his water bottle, the stress ball his wife bought him (I’m surprised that one wasn’t just worn out), the pencil case Masher always took the mickey out of. Ali Rana spent the afternoon in a meeting with Karen, the CCM. When he finally came back he didn’t look very happy.
“I hope she gave him a right ear chewing for bullying him,” Panda whispered to me between calls. “That poor man didn’t deserve to be treated like that.”
To say to mood on the team was bad would be an understatement.

It seems like today was just bad news and accidents. When I got my dinner out of the microwave tonight the plate slipped out of my hand. It fell to the kitchen floor and smashed into a million pieces, a little like a Greek wedding but with the food still on it. Dinner, once I’d cleared up all the mess, ended up being two pieces of toast. Not quite the healthy curry I’d anticipated but at least it was granary bread and half fat butter. At least the snow has gone, it started raining late this afternoon, washing it all away.

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