14 January 2010 – worrying developments


Billy came in this morning with a brand new cast, a bandage on his arm and a letter from the hospital. It didn’t do him any good though. As soon as huddle was over Ali Rana took him off into the pod. They were in there for ages. Ali Rana went straight from the pod to Karen’s desk and Billy just hobbled to his desk on his crutches, packed up his stuff and left without a word. We were all on the phones so there was no chance to talk to him but it would seem he’s been sacked. Shocked is not the word.

It seems to me we are all just a little bad luck away from the same thing. Gunbir seemed especially upset. It wasn’t as if he and Billy were all that pally so I asked Panda about it when we went on our break.
“Gunbir had two operations last year on his bowel. Something went wrong after the first one and he was rushed in for a second just before you started. Now he’s waiting for a third. He’s on a stage three already and, if his operation comes through before February, he’ll be on a stage four.”
“I don’t think he actually believed they could sack him when he had a real illness until today. Turns out they can though.”

After lunch Masher came back with an Echo and a worried look. There is an article on the front page about Mad House. They’re saying our office is on a short list for closure, or at least massive job cuts. There are Mad House offices all over the country but ours is one of the biggest and the company have denied it all. They say our jobs are safe but the Echo claims to have seen internal company correspondence that says otherwise. Morale is at an all time low.

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