21 January 2010 – team building drinks

After work drinks at The Alex

After work drinks at The Alex

Finally it’s Thursday, I thought this week was going to go on forever. It’s bad enough working at the Mad House at the best of times but with morale at an all time low it’s just horrible. I have never seen so many glum faces gathered together in my life.

At afternoon break Primo suggested we all adjourn to The Alex, the pub round the corner, to try to lift team spirits and start the weekend off right. After the Jager Bomb thing in December I was keeping well away from the alcohol. I bought myself a diet coke and told everyone it had rum in it. The ruse worked pretty well until Primo insisted on buying a round for everyone.
“Can’t we just stick to buying our own,” I said, “I can’t afford to buy rounds.”
“Me neither,” Panda agreed.
“It’s team money,” Primo said. “I was speaking to Karen today and she mentioned we’d earned some vouchers. Turns out we’ve earned quite a lot of them over the last few weeks but Ali Rana has been keeping them to himself. When I told her we didn’t know anything about them Karen went and had a word with him. Apparently he said he was saving them up for an incentive but she told him to give them to me to look after. I’m pretty sure she thinks he was going to keep them. I know he was going to keep them, the thieving little toad. Anyhow, I’m buying one round with them tonight, then we can talk about what we want to do with the rest of them.”
So I ended up having to drink one real rum and coke. Still I’ve done Wii Fit and Pump it Up every morning this week so I’ve probably worked it off in advance.

Turns out we had over a hundred and fifty pounds worth of vouchers. The general consensus was we should use them to go out for a team meal. No one wanted to invite Ali Rana but I guess we’ll have to. Personally I’d rather not have spent it on food, I can’t help thinking of all the calories but I was outvoted so we’re going to go out for a team meal at the end of next month. The rest of the evening was more like a war council, everyone moaning about Ali Rana and suggesting what we could do about him.
“Maybe we could use the vouchers to hire a hit man,” Panda joked. At least I think she was joking. Anyway I doubt we could find a hit man who’d kill someone for a hundred and fifty pounds worth of vouchers.
“I’m pretty sure his days are numbered,” Primo said. “I had a long talk with Karen and she’s got her eye on him. It hasn’t gone unnoticed that everyone is unhappy and sales are down.”
“I wish she’d hurry up then,” Eloelia said. “I am seriously thinking of finding another job.”
“Blimey, at this rate he won’t have a team to manage,” Grant said. “What with Tom and Billy gone.”


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