24 January 2010 – dinner with friends and suitcase envy

Top of my wish list!

Top of my wish list!

We had Mac and Joe round for dinner tonight which was fun. This time I did the cooking though. Last time Mac got all critical about Joe’s cooking and kept offering unwanted advice and Joe got a touch on the sulky side which made him a bit heavy handed with the chillies because he knows Mac doesn’t like his food too spicy. The resulting Thai curry almost took the roof of my mouth off, although Commando ate all his.

The pasta al forno I made seemed to go down quite well except when Mac asked for second helpings and Joe said, “I thought you were watching your weight? Your moobs are in danger of joining up with your love handles.”
Of course Mac sulked. What is it with gay men? Anyhow, to lighten the mood I got the Wii Fit out. Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea given all the wine everyone (except me) had been drinking. We settled on snowball fight, mostly because Joe couldn’t seem to master anything more complicated. It was actually really good fun although the men all got way too competitive about it.

After about half an hour Mac was miles ahead of everyone else, which is odd because he was born and brought up in St Helena and didn’t see snow until he was twenty so I doubt he ever really threw a snowball at anyone in his life. Joe was even worse than me, which takes some doing and he began to get a bit grumpy about it. We stopped playing when he said it gave him a headache. Personally I think it was probably more to do with the wine but still.

After they’d gone I checked the eBay items I’d been watching. eBay is something I’ve only recently discovered. Well, I knew about it and had bought a couple of things but I’ve only really realised the potential lately. When you’re losing weight having to buy new clothes starts to get quite expensive but, once you know how to use it, an eBay account can make getting a new wardrobe quite cheap. It is quite addictive though. Tonight I won a Mulberry purse and a Ted Baker jacket for under £40, which is quite a result. I’d been watching an Alexander McQueen suitcase, thinking about Turkey, a thing of beauty, black leather shaped like a rib cage, when it went up to £105 though I stopped bidding. It would be easy to get carried away and I’d have loved to own it but I really couldn’t justify paying more than that just to show off at the airport. I’ll have to keep my eye out for another one.

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