25 January 2010 – weigh in regrets

so much information my brain feels like it's bursting out through my ears

so much information my brain feels like it’s bursting out through my ears

Wii Fit weigh in average for the last week, one pound down! Yay! A little more would have been nice but lets not be greedy eh, being greedy was what got me in this position, that and being lazy. If only I hadn’t gone off the rails when I started at Mad House I could be so much lighter now. At this time in November I was a whole stone lighter. This time I have to keep it off.

With that in mind it was back to the week day morning Wii Fit and Pump it Up. I tried the dance workout this morning. It wasn’t quite as bad as I expected. There were lots of squats, side squats, forwards squats, squat lunges, if I don’t have amazingly toned thighs at the end of this I will be wanting my money back. There were some pretty complicated steps I struggled with, I had to keep pausing the DVD and even then I’m not sure I’m doing them right, still I guess just moving about is doing something even if my feet aren’t actually in exactly the right place.
One, called the grapevine, took me a while to work out but I think I’ve got it now, it’s sort of big steps from side to side, sort of. The problem is I always seem to be going one way when everyone else is going the other, good job I’m not in a proper exercise class or I’d be bumping into people all the time.

Of course, after all that it was off for a cold, frosty walk to work. I think I’m going to have to start looking for another job. The Mad House was bad enough when all I had to deal with was systems I can barely understand, so much information my brain feels like it’s constantly on the verge of bursting out through my ears, impossible targets and horrible, screaming customers. With Ali Rana too it’s impossible. None of the windows in our office open, this is almost certainly to stop people jumping out. Why does life have to be so crap?

2 thoughts on “25 January 2010 – weigh in regrets

  1. Love your description of the grapevine. I myself fully understand “me going one way, while everyone else gos the other lol” me and step class was a mission and a laugh. In the end I just laughed at my self and kept going n loved it. Keep up the great work

    • Probably these things would be slightly easier if I had any degree of coordination lol. When you can’t laugh at yourself you really are in trouble. Glad you enjoyed reading 🙂

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