29 January 2010 – sexy salsa and pot holes

Salsa classes, what a good idea

Salsa classes, what a good idea

Thank heavens for three-day weekends. They are the only good thing about working at the Mad House, without them I would go bonkers. Sometimes on Friday I have a lie in but today I got up when Commando got into bed and did some Wii Fit and Pump it Up before breakfast. I’m persevering with the dance routine but, to be honest, I can’t really see any signs of improvement. Maybe I’m being too tough on myself because I don’t have to stop the DVD every few minutes to check out the steps but this could be because I just walk on the spot when I get lost.

There is a bit in the middle that is like salsa dancing. I really like that bit. Maybe I should join a salsa class but working until eight four days a week makes things like that a bit difficult. Perhaps I’ll just get a salsa DVD instead. I’ve never been much of a dancer although I did go to ballroom dancing classes when I was about six but the rhythm and movement of salsa feels quite sexy, maybe I should teach Commando.

When Commando got up we took the car up to Sainsbury’s to do a big shop. There are several huge pot holes on the Little Hill, probably down to all that snow and ice, Commando had to do some fairly tricky maneuvers to get round them. It was either that or lose the car down them. When we had put all the shopping away we sat down for a coffee and a warm up. Commando was reading the Echo.
“They say the Council are going to spend £500,000 on fixing the pot holes,” he said. “What’s the betting they never get round to ours?”

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