5 February 2010 – distraction techniques

Candle making

Candle making

When I’m at work there is very little chance to eat apart from break times. This makes dieting a little easier. Thankfully I only work four days a week, even if they are ridiculously long ones, but this means there are three whole days at home where food is a constant temptation. Being spot on with the calorie count four days a week is pretty much wasted if you spend the other three eating way too much way too often.

Seems to me I have far too much time to think about food when I’m at home, which is where all the extra eating comes in. Knowing what the problem is is half way towards solving it, or so they say and I figured if I made sure I was busy I might not be thinking about food quite as much. This is what led me to spend half the day today making candles out of beeswax. It isn’t as if we really need candles. Commando would probably say we have too many already but I like them and I had some beeswax sitting around from making hand cream a while ago along with some wicks I bought on a whim.

Ok so they weren’t the best candles in the world, I made them in empty yoghurt pots after all with wax crayons for colouring. They didn’t burn quite as well as I expected either but that could be the beeswax I suppose. Still I made them so I was quite proud if myself, plus it was too busy to think about eating rubbish so it was a win win kind of day.

This evening I had a message in Facebook to let me know Jules’ funeral is on Thursday. That almost had me reaching for the chocolate but I managed to control the impulse, just. I was hoping it would be on Friday so I wouldn’t have to ask Ali Rana for the day off. Somehow I have a feeling he’ll say no just to be awkward.

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