8 February 2010 – looking for some decency

Maybe there's some decency in there?

Maybe there’s some decency in there?

As soon as huddle was over I asked Ali Rana about having the day off on Thursday. From the look on his face you’d have thought I was asking for his job not one of my own days holiday that I’m actually entitled to.
“I’ll have to check the schedule and get back to you,” he said with a sneer.
“The thing is it’s my friend’s funeral and I’d really like to go,” I said hoping for some trace of human kindness to reveal itself. It didn’t, he just ignored me and started shuffling papers around on his desk.

Thinking about it I probably shouldn’t have said what it was for. Knowing how much I want the holiday just gives him even more power over me and makes him more likely to say no out of spite. Then again, maybe I’m judging him to harshly. There must be some decency in there somewhere surely?

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