15 February 2010 – knowing what to do and doing it are not the same thing

It's not that we don't know it, it's that we don't do it!

It’s not that we don’t know it, it’s that we don’t do it!

As I didn’t weigh in last week I was hoping for a decent loss this week. All I got was one measly pound. For a minute I felt quite hard done by then I thought about it. My eating wasn’t the best, I haven’t been exactly regular with the Pump it Up and, yet again there has been very little walking. I’m not going to use being upset over Jules’ funeral as an excuse because that’s a cop out. My eye was off the ball, much like the Saints team on Saturday afternoon. If I’m going to sit on the beach in a bikini in May I’m going to have to get my finger out.

Ali Rana has been niggling at me all day so I’m pretty sure Karen told him off for not giving me the day of for the funeral. If he did, he deserved it. Then again, maybe he’s just a Portsmouth supporter. There are a couple on the team, Masher for a start, and a fair few in the building. They’ve been giving us Saints fans grief all day. Sore winners or what?

Rae was reading the paper at lunchtime. Apparently four times more obesity related problems are being treated in Southampton hospitals than there were three years ago. That’s quite a shocking figure. Panda, Promo and I all looked at each other as if to say, that could be us. Then we looked at the food in front of us. Rae had one of her Cambridge diet soups and a Mars Bar, Panda had a sandwich, crisps and a Kit Kat, Primo had a pie and I had a latte and a sandwich. My choice was probably marginally better than the others but hardly tip top nutrition. If it wasn’t so sad it would be funny.

The Government have launched some campaign called Change4Life. Somehow I think it’ll take more than fancy sound bites and hip names to change things. Maybe they should just stop all the adverts for crappy, empty calorie food and force the supermarkets to lower the price of the good stuff. Then again we’d probably still all eat the crap. If the answer was simple I suppose there wouldn’t be a problem in the first place. No one wants to be fat after all.

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