19 February 2010 – letting off steam


Last night all the girls came to mine for a girly night after work. We planned it on Monday afternoon when everyone was feeling down and depressed and we’d been looking forward to it all week. Well I had anyway. On Thursday night I prepared some nibbles. Yes I know they were the last thing we all needed but as none of us had eaten I thought it might soak up the alcohol a bit.

Typically I got caught on a call so we were all late leaving the office. Why do people call at five to eight with complicated queries? I mean, if I knew my call was going to be a difficult one that’s the last time I’d call. Everyone in a call centre is desperate to get off home at the end of a long, probably shitty, day. You’re hardly going to get the best service when all they want to do is get you off the phone and log off. If it was me I’d be calling first thing in the morning before anyone else had chance to piss the person who answered off.

We had a great night, once we finally got away from the office at half last eight. Commando had drawn a picture of Ali Rana and taped it to the punch bag in the gym. Considering he’s never met the guy he did a pretty good job. My descriptive powers must be better than I thought, although the name written underneath helped. We took turns to punch the hell out of it. It was in tatters in a couple of minutes but we all felt better for it. Panda was so vicious it was quite frightening. I don’t think I’d want to get on the wrong side of her.

Everyone got royally pissed. Well, I got slightly drunk on two rum and cokes, I switched to just diet coke often that and I don’t think anyone noticed. Rae didn’t drink because she was driving and giving Panda a lift home. Actually, come to think of it, Panda and Primo got royally pissed, mostly Primo. I never knew it was possible to drink that much and stay alive. At about two in the morning we had to take her phone away from her because she started ringing people and saying, “I really, really love you.” We thought she might regret that in the morning, especially as one of the people was her ex boyfriend. After that she just told us all “I really, really love you.” She slept the night in our spare room.

It was a bit odd having Primo there first thing in the morning. After the amount of vodka she put away I was surprise she wasn’t hung over but she seemed quite chirpy. On the other hand I was pretty grumpy, mostly because I had to go to the dentist. I hate the dentist. Right now I especially hate the dentist. One of my molars is beyond repair. The filling that keeps coming out had got to the point where it couldn’t be replaced any more and I have to have a crown. They put a temporary filling in for now but I have to go back next Friday and then again two weeks later. The whole thing is going to cost me £700 and is probably going to hurt like hell. Oh well, I guess it has to be better than looking at my teeth in a glass beside the bed every night.

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