22 February 2010 – mirror doors, what was I thinking?

Mirror doors, what was I thinking?

Mirror doors, what was I thinking?

The man came to fit the new wardrobes while I was at work. We now have sliding mirror doors taking up a whole wall in our bedroom. It is awesome having somewhere to put my clothes with an actual door to close so you can’t see them. For years we just had rails in the alcoves. Doors hide a multitude of sins. Now they’re up though I’m wondering what possessed me to choose mirror doors?

When we chose them it seemed like a good idea, a way to make our small bedroom look spacious and add some light. In fairness, they do give an illusion of light and space. What they will also do is give me an unwelcome view of myself first thing in the morning. Me with my hair all sticking up is not going to be the best start to the day. Not only that but I can’t help seeing all the wobbly, cellulite dimpled flab when I’m getting dressed. What was I thinking?

Still, despite the drinking and nibbles on Friday I managed to lose another pound this week so I suppose I shouldn’t moan.

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