1 March 2010 – weight loss thanks to my dentist


The sandpaper tooth has given me a very nice two pound loss this week. Thank you dentist, I take back all the horrible things I said about you now, although I will be very happy to get my proper crown fitted on Feb 19. All I have to do is avoid a big binge once I have a full complement of real teeth again.

The two pounds takes me down to twelve four again. It seems as if I’ve been losing and gaining the same half stone over and over for almost a year now. If it wasn’t for Christmas when I gained more than a stone I might be a normal person weight by now instead of obese. It’s all very well congratulating myself on a few pounds off and fitting into smaller clothes but it is hardly progress when I keep putting it all back on again. In July last year I thought I’d said goodby to twelve four forever. In September I was down to eleven seven. I may have lost nine pounds this year but I’m still eleven pounds heavier than I was at my lightest and there are only two months until Turkey and the Big Five O! Depressing thought!

The team seemed very small today. Eloilia was off sick and Gopesh is in hospital having his long awaited operation. Over the weekend there was a last minute cancellation and Gopesh got called in. Ali Rana was incandescent with rage this morning after Gopesh’s mum phoned to say he’d be off for two weeks. All morning he went round muttering under his breath about being left in the lurch and being short staffed. Anyone would think Gopesh did it on purpose.

“At least he made it through February,” Masher said, “so Ali Rana can’t put him on a stage four.”
“That’s probably what he’s so mad about,” Panda said. “I think he was looking forward to sacking him.”


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