2 March 2010 – swings and roundabouts


Last night, on the back of the two pound loss and the consequent depression when I realised I was still eleven pounds off my lightest weight I had a massive workout. When I say massive I mean massive for me. Somehow I stumbled upon an episode of Biggest Loser when I was flicking through the channels and it got me all inspired so I got the Reebok step and the hand weights out and stepped and lifted all the way through it. An hour of exercise wore me out and this morning I just could not get going. There was no Pump it Up, no walk to work, just a lot of staring into space and a mad rush for the bus.

This evening I meant to make up for the Pump it Up at least but Saints were playing. After the second call from Commando to tell me we’d scored I started watching the match report on tinternet and that was that, no exercise. Saints had another big win, 5-0 against Huddersfield this time. What’s going on? We really are flying at the moment. Long may it last. There could even be a play off place for us if we keep it up and whatever happens we have the JPT final to look forward to at the end of the month. That is if we can get tickets. Commando was ringing me every five minutes to update me on the score, never mind that I already knew. I’m pretty sure no one got any work done there tonight.

At least I wasn’t eating while I watched the match but then again I wasn’t exercising either so I didn’t do the Pump it Up I missed this morning. That’s what you call swings and roundabouts I suppose.


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