4 March 2010 – bomb scare!


There was a bomb scare in town late this morning. Actually it wasn’t exactly a scare because there was a real bomb but let’s not split hairs because no one was aware of that at the time. The first thing we knew about it was the managers walking round the floor shutting all the blinds. Then Ali Rana told us we were not allowed to open them again under any circumstances. No one knew what was going on and rumours were going round like a dose of swine flu.

At lunch time Ali Rana announced that the smoking area at the back of the building was out of bounds. Of course this meant that everyone, smokers and non smokers alike, walked round the block to see what was going on.
“They can tell us not to go to the smoking area but they can’t stop us walking down the street,” Masher reasoned.
As it happened we got to the corner and couldn’t go any further because there was police tape everywhere and officers telling us to go back. Everything was deserted, no cars, no people, like a ghost town. The whole of the top end of town was cordoned off because builders had unearthed a World War II bomb. All the buildings around us were empty. The blinds were closed so we didn’t get showered with broken glass if the thing exploded. Like that was going to make any difference. What a bunch of slave drivers!


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