9 March 2010 – disappointment but expected


There was a brief moment when I considered not asking for the Monday after the Johnson Paint Trophy Final off at all. Since I started I haven’t had a single sick day so I could have just phoned in on the Monday morning and said I was ill. In my whole life I have never once skived work though and I’m so crap at lying I would never be able to pull it off. Somehow it would seem like tempting fate too. Knowing my luck I’d end up coming down with some terrible illness, having loads of time off and getting sacked because I was one day over the allowed sickness for the year.

So I asked and, as expected Ali Rana said no. He’s so predictable.
“Every man and his dog wants that Monday off,” he said with just a hint of a self satisfied smile, “the full quota has already been booked.”
It would have been nice but it’s not going to stop me enjoying the day. Even if we lose I fully intend to enjoy every moment of my first ever trip to Wembley Stadium.

“He’s full of shit,” Panda said. “No one else on the team even likes football except Masher and he’s a Portsmouth fan so he’s hardly going to want to go is he?”
“No one else has any holiday booked on that day,” Primo agreed. “The holiday allocation is supposed to be based on who else on the team is off not who else in the whole building. You should talk to Karen.”
There was no way I was going to go down that route again. After the funeral debacle he made my life a misery. He made me take calls at the end of the day when there were still people waiting in the queue, even though it was after eight and he should have dealt with it himself. He did three side by side calls with me in one month when he only needed to do one and he marked me down for all of them. He marked down all my sales QA’s too until Karen listen to one and marked it up again. I’m supposed to have finished my three month probation period and been made permanent by now but he keeps extending it because he says my stats aren’t good enough. If he didn’t keep marking me down they would be. One day off just isn’t worth the hassle.


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